Dummy URL in Global SEO Settings

In the search result preview in Settings Global SEO, the URL shown (http://foo.bar/qux) is a dummy one.

Why not show the deployment URL as is done for SEO previews on user-defined models? This is super confusing for users as they’re not used to the terms foo and bar, or the idea of variables and placeholders in general.


makes sense to me, we’ll see what we can do!

hey @webworkshop we have implemented this, it’s live already :slight_smile:

This sort of works, except there doesn’t seem to be a way to choose which environment the URL is pulled from?


we are getting the first one for simplicity? To avoid an extra toggle :slight_smile: What were you thinking about?

First by what criteria? I can’t see any way to change the order.


just order of addition actually, you cannot reorder them at the moment. We could to that though, it might be useful also for sorting out the accounts with a lot of deployment environments