Does DatoCMS make backups of the DB?

Does DatoCMS itself make any backups of the database? Do you have a disaster recovery plan (with RPO/RTO)? Please tell you you have something in place… I’m less concerned about me (or my peers) deleting something that they shouldn’t have (I’d probably make daily sandboxes to cover that case), more if something happens that’s outside of my control (you deploy bad code, your hosting provider kills the DB etc).

Hello @tomc

We do have backups of our Databases, but exactly as you mentioned they are reserved for disaster recoveries on our end.
If you are looking for a backup solution for user errors or similar mistakes on your project, as you already mentioned as well, environments are a great solution, or if you prefer a local backup, you can also export all of your data using this script: Import and export content - Exporting data and backups - DatoCMS Docs

Just to give a bit more detail here, we have automatic backups with RPO in minutes. It should be 1 minute, but if you consider 10 it’s surely possible. RTO instead it should be in 2-4 hours.

We are going to make detailed security policies public in the future. For now I hope this is good enough for you!