Different contents with same query

I have two setups utilizing dato cms as backend (stage)
https://studentcompetitions.com/competitions (live)

Sometimes live returns different data then stage. The date is not even relevant to query but stage works fine.

@accounts1 welcome to community! :slight_smile:

are you sure that you are pulling the information from the same endpoint? Maybe on staging you are using the preview endpoint to show draft content?

Can you please provide a specific example so that I can double check?

Hi Matt
Thanks for prompt reply.
Just checked configuration options
previewMode: false,
disableLiveReload: false,
In both configuration as the project is deployed using git.
filter: { deadline: { gte: $today }, approved: { eq: true } }
sort: { order: [DESC,ASC], fields: [featured,deadline] }
doesn’t seems to work anymore and returns old records as well

The issue was not there earlier.
Please assist.

@accounts1 I’m not seeing old events in the page, can you confirm that now it’s working fine?

If not, can you please give me access to your repository so that I can try to reproduce and find where the problem is?