Deploy in progress spinner stuck *new bug


Although the build trigger does correct deploy to Vercel, on the DatoCMS side the spinner never stops.

This has only recently started and may be a bug?

hello @steven maybe try aborting the build and triggering a new one. Or is this a problem that happens all the time?

If that persists, please reach out at with the project URL so that we can have a look.

Thank you!


Yes, it started to happen with every single trigger now. Vercel shows that the build deploys perfectly after around 2mins, but DatoCMS just continues to spin indefinitely.

Ok, I’ll reach out to support. Thanks!

Hi @steven

is it possible that you are still using a legacy vercel build trigger installation? You should see this warning in the build trigger page:


Ah, yes! Thank you that was it :slight_smile: