Deploy Dato with Circle CI 2.0 issue on build

My env:

  • Middleman
  • Dato
  • Circle 2.0

I’m getting this error in Circle when building for staging:

However, I’m in workflow mode with a valid file (checked with CircleCI CLI + run test on Circle)

Here’s the config:

Any idea why i’m getting this error? It seems that the error refers to something that is not the case.

hello @gilles sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

From what I can see looks like you are missing a build option in your workflows? Or ist this missing only from the screenshot?

I’m not a CircleCI expert though, maybe it’s worth asking them a bit more info?

What is your version of your CircleCI config? We had it set to 2.1 and it was giving the same error. Switching it to just version 2 fixed it. With version 2.1 they changed the ability to trigger a single job with workflows.

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