DatoCMS UI - menu not routing properly

I’m really loving building out our project in DatoCMS. One concern I have, and perhaps I messed up the setup, but the Menu is not routing to pages as one would expect.


  1. In the Editor: https:// project.admin.datocms.com/editor/

  2. I click on Posts and end up here: https:// project.admin.datocms.com/editor/item_types/1414543/items

  3. Then click Content in the menu to return to the Editor. Nada…
    Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 10.34.33 AM

  4. So I have bookmarked the Editor so I don’t have to manually modify the URL to get back to it. Fine for me, but won’t suffice for our users.

What are your recommendations?



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Hello @john and welcome to the community!

I can see where the confusion comes from, but this is actually intended behaviour.
Let’s say you are modifying something under a post, and you need to quickly check something under the “Assets” tab, and when you are done, you click on “Content” again, it will bring you back to where you left off, and the same goes to when you are already in a record.

If you want to go back to that homepage when you are already editing a record, a good way to do it is to Add a Menu item called “:house: Home” with the url https:// project.admin.datocms.com/editor/


That way you can always go to that initial page when you desire by using your custom button:


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I really appreciate your quick response!

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