DatoCMS Site usages - Permission

I would like to call the https://site-api.datocms.com/daily-site-usages metrics to do some follow up of our usage. Unfortunately I don’t know which permission to give my token for read access (predefined read-only token doesn’t work)? It does seem to be working with admin rights.

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Hello @glenn.bostoen

Unfortunately that permission is bundled together with the Create/edit models and plugins permission, so by giving the role that that API token uses that permission, you will be able to call that endpoint. However, it will also give that token the permission to Create/edit models and plugins:

This could be a useful split of permissions, as i agree that the current state is pretty unintuitive and can also cause some undesired permissions to slip through a token that would serve just this purpose

You can make a feature request for the split of this permission here: ✋ Feature requests - DatoCMS community this way we can track its progress a little bit better.

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This has apparently worked until 08/2021. So it would be good to be notified of these breaking changes :slight_smile: