DatoCMS and Hubspot Integration for data

Hi! The company I work at just switched over to DatoCMS for our new website and we love how easy it is to create and design! We have just launched our new site and are trying to connected our new website with Hubspot. We use Hubspot for majority of our outbound marketing and like using it to keep all of our data and metrics for all things marketing in one spot. We are trying to figure out if there is a way to correctly link our new website (in DatoCMS) to Hubspot so we can see our web traffic and other website metrics. Is this possible? If so, how do we go about linking them together? Thanks in advance for anyone with tips or suggestions on what to do!

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Hello @cmontgomery and welcome to the community!

We’ve had a similar thread here: DatoCMS and Hubspot integration question - #4 by maeglin

You can GET or set any Dato parameter through our APIs: Overview - DatoCMS

If you have a specific parameter in mind that you’d wish to fetch, let me know and i can point you in the direction of a specific request :slight_smile: