Dato random crash when opening a record

Content is stuck on how to continue resolving the Dato crash problem and it’s nearly impossible to reproduce, which is causing a lot of bumps.

The problem:

Seemingly at random, opening a record in Dato overloads computer RAM and freezes the entire browser with the spinny rainbow wheel of death until a force quit

They reached out the Dato team, got a reply that it may be an issue from our custom plugins and all of our plugins are legacy plugins. Will migrating them to the V2 can fix the issue?

Hello @henok.tesfaye

If the custom plugins in your project have some kind of memory leak/infinite loop that causes these crashes, the only thing that could solve this would be the analysis and re-factoring of the plugin logic on the potential loop (that is, debugging the custom plugin faulty logic), or removing the plugin entirely.
So upgrading the plugin to the new SDK won’t help by itself, but the re-factoring that comes with the upgrade will probably help to identify and solve this problem

Thanks @m.finamor, most of our plugins do a get and an update operation to Dato records, and we use "datocms-client": "^3.1.1" package to perform the operation.

  • Duplicate a record: which is basically same functionality with Dato duplicate but after duplicate a record, it will update one fields value(uid).
  • Multiple record name
  • Batch publish: updates all records of a multiple link field

Do you know any scenarios which an infinite loop can occur? So I’ll check again all our repos

@henok.tesfaye it is very hard to point to a specific scenario, as that is a pretty general problem but something like using a state change as a trigger to a function and changing the state itself inside the function, causing the function to run in a loop would be an example.