Custom subdomain for assets?

Hi, I’d like to create a custom subdomain for my assets.
Is this is as simple as creating a CNAME for the subdomain and pointing it to

So for example I would like

to point to

Or is there something extra I would need to do to achieve this?

Hello @jacktcunningham_publisher

A CNAME would not work, unfortunately.

You could however do that by setting up a reverse proxy on your (sub)domain to point to our domain. Using something like nginx you can do that with ease, and if you want to implement some caching on it, you can use varnish (or even nginx itself)

Or, if you want to completely replace the domain and self host your assets on a custom server/domain you can see our options here, both subject to a fee:
Custom AWS S3 storage - DatoCMS
Custom Google Cloud Storage - DatoCMS