Create project from api token

I’m just getting started with the demo project for vanilla React at GitHub - datocms/react-datocms: A set of components and utilities to work faster with DatoCMS in React environments but there is no starter in the marketplace for this, but the project runs with the sample bearer token (faeb9172e232a75339242faafb9e56de8c8f13b735f7090964) and pulls in the data. Is it possible to clone the project from this bearer token into my DatoCms project?

Hey @myron.rodrigues and welcome to the community!

That project fetches directly from the project we use to maintain the homepage, more specifically it’s blog section. (Thats why it isn’t a public project to clone :sweat_smile:)
The token you mentioned is is a token made to be public, that can only fetch that live feed of blog posts, and if we add a new blog post, the post will pop up without the need of a reload in that page.
We have an example right here of a demo that also does that: Next.js blog starter - Blog with real-time preview - DatoCMS
Although it uses NextJS, not just react.
For the documentation on the live updates API you can go to Real-time Updates API: Overview - DatoCMS