Create Default Media Custom Data fields?


I’ve searched the documentation, so forgive me if it’s in there, but I have been unable to find any answer.

I’m creating a website that will have a lot of image galleries, and planning to hand it over to someone else to upload and manage new content.

Each image in the gallery will have a caption comprising the title, date of creation, and a size. The easiest way to go about the captions seems to be by using the Title/caption field and the handy Custom fields DatoCMS offers for image uploads. E.g.,
Title/caption: ‘Title of image’
Date: ‘Date of creation’
Dimensions: ‘WxH’
However, it is not ideal for someone to have to manually input the name for each value every time they add a new image. Mainly because we all know how common typos are, and if someone misspells the name it will cause issues.

Is there a way to set default custom data fields for media uploads?

Thank you!

Hello @curtiswallen there isn’t a way to add custom data by default, but what would you like to do?

Automatically we add smart tags using an AI algorithm and maybe you can programmatically use on your frontend the image filename to create a title?

Hi @mat_jack1

Thanks for your reply! Understood re: custom data by default. I’ll try leveraging the smart tags for my purposes, and if that doesn’t work I suppose I set it up to pull the entire caption from the “Title” field, which is a littler messier formatting-wise, but probably the most reliable.

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