Copyright and other metadata for image uploads

Please can you allow additional fields to be specified for image uploads, to cover things that apply everywhere that image is used, such as its Copyright/Source/Author, Location/Altitude/Direction (GPS), or other typical image metadata.

Even better if the system reads this data from the image file itself to populate these fields initially, or offers this option.

A generalised approach would be to allow us to specify the image model’s fields just like any other model (with title, alt and src as default and unchangeable).

My specific use case is ensuring that copyrighted images always come with copyright information so that this can be shown appropriately when they are used.

Hey @Convincible! This week we released a big refactor that solves this issues!

We’ve also added specific fields for author and copyright, and next week we’ll further improve the media area, providing additional EXIF meta information, including:

  • keywords
  • model
  • lens_model
  • f_number
  • focal_length
  • exposure_time
  • iso
  • flash_mode
  • gps_location