Compress images size

Hi, I need help to compress images, because the size is very large. For example if I open this image in production: its size is 3.1mb, but if I open it on localhost its size is 300kb. Im using the same params

 header {
          url(imgixParams: {q: "30", auto: enhance, crop: entropy, fit: crop})

But it seems that in production it does not reduce the quality

Hello @julian1

That link you send over had no IMGIX parameters applied to it, so it had the full original quality (and size) of the image. Perhaps you are using a different URL in your localhost server?

This two have the same size, seems like it’s not reading the imgix params:

@julian1 i meant the URL you are using on your localhost that results in a 300kb image, not the image itself.

As an example, the original URL, with no parameters applied is

While the same image with a reduced width (and reduced file size consequentially) would have an URL of (You can see the imgix params on the end of the URL, in this case w=500)

So perhaps you were using a different URL on your localhost?