CMA Structured Text missing blocks array

I’m writing a plugin that will take a Structured Text field from one of our models and transform it into html and then generate a csv file with the html.

I thought it would be nice to use the CMA together with ctx.urrentUserAccessToken to fetch the record. But even if I use the nested property, the structured text delivered from the CMA is missing the blocks array. This means I can’t use datocms-structured-text-to-dom-nodes to properly transform our blocks.

Is there a way to get this info with the CMA and currentUserAccessToken or do I need to use GraphQL and our api token instead? Or is there a way to use the currentUserAccessToken with GraphQL?

I need to use the CMA for some updates in the same plugin so would be really nice to be able to just use currentUserAccessToken for everything

Hello @felicia.moller for now this isn’t possible, but we do have a feature request for this right here: Request: allow injected token to work for GraphQL API as well consider giving it a vote!