CLI won't allow new migration to be created

Per the documentation here I’ve successfully installed the CLI, but when I run dato new migration 'new thing' I get the following error:
Could not find command "new".

Hi @operations :slight_smile:

could you please run dato --version in your terminal?

I tried with version 3.0.35 and it worked:

↳ $ dato new migration 'create article model'
Created migrations/1598542425_createArticleModel.js

Also, can you run which dato in your terminal? Have you installed the ruby client as well? If yes, than maybe dato binary is the ruby binary, not the JS one.

Moreover, if you used yarn global add datocms-client, make sure you added the global bin path to your path ( : Adding the install location to your PATH )

Was an installation issue – dato --version also didn’t work. I removed and reinstalled and… it worked this time. I think the issue may have been with a setting in asdf.

Thanks for the help!

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