Clearer button labels for Draft/Published/Build

There are many problems with the UI labels around Saving, Publishing, Building, etc. that leave my clients very confused and requires me to give multiple training sessions.

Some examples of the problems:

  • In some models, “Save” means “will appear on Live site” while in other models “Save” does not mean the same thing (because Draft/Published mode is enabled)
  • “Publish” suggests making the changes actually appear on the site, when in reality it is only a status for the record.
  • “Publish” sometimes does mean making the changes actually appear on the site, if you have the site set up to trigger a build for a Scheduled Publish
  • “Build status” is the label for the button where you can find the buttons to actually build the site. But it sounds like you will only find information here, not actions.
  • A record with unpublished changes is marked as “Updated” which sounds like the edits are fully live and ready.
  • An unpublished record is marked as “Draft”. Both “Draft” records and “Updated” records will appear (and are treated the same) in Preview mode, but they are labelled very differently.

I request that a UX review streamlines how these terms are used.

Here is my proposal.

  • In a model without Draft/Published system, rename “Save” to “Publish”, or “Save and Publish”. Now there is consistency across all models that “Publish” always means “mark these changes as ready for the Live site”.
  • In a model with the Draft/Published system, rename “Save” to “Save Draft” to ensure clarity that the changes are not yet going to be Live.
  • Change “Updated” for records with unpublished changes to “Drafted Changes” to indicate that changes are saved but not published, and to create consistency between the Draft status and the updated status.
  • Rename “Build status” to just “Build” as then you can expect to find both information and actions here.
  • When “trigger a build on scheduled publish” is enabled in the admin area, rename “Publish at a specific time” to “Publish and Build at a specific time” to provide clarity that both actions will take place

In addition it would be great if we can add Help Text to each Build Trigger. So we can remind the editor what will happen depending on which Build Trigger they select for Build Now.

e.g. I have a Build Trigger set up which builds a Preview site which will show up Draft changes. So I could add help text to this trigger that reminds the editor this is what will happen.