Can't upload images, all of Dato uneditable until previous image is deleted

We’ve had an issue on a project that we keep thinking is rectified, but reappears. When we add an image, it will successfully upload and we can save the project. But then add another image, and it fails. It’ll just cut out during upload. And once the image upload fails, we can no longer save the project. In fact, we can’t edit anything within Dato until the offending image is deleted.

Here’s a video of it.

The video is 3 minutes long. You’ll see in the second half how I’ve refresh the page (without saving the work), then delete the last successfully uploaded image. Then I added content to a post using images already uploaded images. And finally I attempt to upload a new images and it fails again.

This only occurs on 1 x Dato project from the 10 x Dato projects that I currently run. It’s on the latest Developer plan (I notice there’s differences in this Dev plan project versus other Dev plan projects, for example this latest Dev plan has automatic image tags and extra video features).

I’m utterly stuck.

OK so I think this is because I’ve hit the limit on the free plan :smile:

However, when I go to upgrade, I can’t because of some weird video allowance issue.

Here’s a video.


@callum looks like I’ve replied over support, if you have any other issue please be in touch again!

Thanks @mat_jack1, a notification and/or an email telling the project admin of their limit breach would help.

We do send these emails normally, but in this instance you weren’t breaching any limit, it was only the new plan not having that feature :frowning:

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The project plan settings showed that I’d reached the assets limit (200 of 200) but I didn’t get any notification.

We only experimented with video last week, but we’d had this confusing issue of image uploads failing since early Feb. Of course, I understand now it wasn’t a bug now, I do think it was b/c our assets limit was exceeded.

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