Can't upgrade to Core plan from Free plan (add extra video bug)

When I go to upgrade, I can’t because of some weird video allowance issue.

Here’s a video.


Hey @matjack1I really need to move up to the Core plan please. We’ve been working hard at this project, we’ve got a deadline to meet so we need to upgrade as we’ve reached the limit on the free plan.

I’m also confused about what exactly are your plans. When I try to upgrade from the free plan in this project, I’m offered these plans. Yet Core is no longer on your website. The plans seem to keep changing. Need clarity before we commit to building out time consuming stuff using Dato…

The Core plan is something that we give to existing users that either have already used the Core plan before or are asking for that.

But apart from that we haven’t changed that, not sure what changes you are referring to?

Thanks for the quick fix @mat_jack1.

Answering your Q, the Core plan isn’t on the pricing plan. I have 10 other projects and I don’t understand the Core plan at all because there’s no info about it. It’s fine though, I like it, it’s just that if I’m supposed to understand it—being a fairly heavy user—I don’t.

you can find all the details of the plan in dashboard ( when you click on a project that you own. Also when managing the plan of a project you are able to review all the limits for the plans

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