Can't update regex matching pattern

I have a field in my Model which stores timestamp. I used regex expression \d?\d?:?\d\d:\d\d in the past to validate it. (Max and min characters being 8 and 4). But now I want to add support for milliseconds and I can’t update the regex. I want to change it to \d?\d?:?\d\d.?\d?\d?\d? (Max and Min characters changed to 9 and 4).

Hello @apoorv.kansal and welcome to the community!

Sorry for the delay on this, what error are you encountering when trying to update the regex pattern?

I don’t get any error, just a toast “Couldn’t update the field”. I get a red background on default value, but when i change the tab i see nothing

@apoorv.kansal can you send us the URL to that model at so we can try and reproduce the issue on our end?

Thank you!