Can't update any schemas

Describe the issue:

Trying to add a new field to a block schema - get error as seen in below images. Tried multiple projects. Same thing. Tried removing plugins, same thing. Checked plan usage quotas, nothing is capped.

The error

Highlight in “Presentation”

The request payload

The request response (HTTP 202)

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 09.31.54

(Optional) Can you provide a link to the item, model, or project in question?

Literally any item in any model in any of my projects.

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I am also experiencing this. It seems to be specifically with single-line text fields, or adding an allowed block type to the “Specify the allowed blocks for this field” validation check.

Highlight in “Presentation” for allowed blocks:

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I too have the same issue. I can t add any new Structure Filed Text

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Got response from Support now - it’s patched!