Can't sort block links in compact view

We’ve got a block with one links type field. The links type field accepts a number of references to other models. In compact view, we can no longer edit the order of these links. When this cursor is shown: image, clicking and dragging will highlight text of multiple links, instead of moving the clicked link item.

However, we can edit the order if the view is changed to the expanded view.

We are using this block within a structured text field.

Structured text field = “Content”
Block = “Image tile grid”
Links field = “Tiles”

Hello @jess

I attempted to do it locally and was able to reorder the links with no problem, even with the compact view.

I’m fairly certain that this is a browser extension incompatibility, could you try and reorder them (using the compact view) in a different browser and let me know if it works?

Also, if you cold let me know the browser version/any extensions it may have on it, we can try and figure out the incompatibility.

Thank you!

Hi @m.finamor, appreciate the quick reply!

We are consistently getting this issue with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and in incognito mode across different machines, operating systems and users. Note that we do not have this issue with blocks inside modular content fields, or with link fields directly on a model.

I will submit a request through the support page with the environments and urls to replicate the bug.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: