Can't pay and get site working

Hey there, I’m trying to pay and get the site working, but I’m locked out due to non-payment.

Maybe there is only a certain user type that can update payment details. Perhaps you folks could stick a “pay now” button for lower level users - just in case they happen to be the paying person on the account?

There does not appear to be a way to fix the site for me

Hi @clint.vanmarrewijk,

Sorry about that! Were you able to get back in? I looked for your email address in our system, and it looks to me like the projects are paid up and should be accessible? If I’m not looking at the right projects and you’re still having trouble getting in, could you please email with the specific project URL so we can take a look?

In general we do not allow collaborators (as opposed to owners) to pay the bill for a project, because that would cause additional confusion. As it is, some customers already accidentally pay for a separate plan that’s not tied to their project, while their project continues unpaid :frowning: Instead, for situations where the project should be paid by someone else, we suggest converting the account into an Organization instead, which can have multiple members & bill-payers: Organizations and accounts — DatoCMS