Can't add modular components


Got contacted by our content editor, suddenly she (nor I) can open components that are added to the modular content field type.
So the first one opens, but anything added after, isn’t added.

– Just tried, so if a new component is added, and SAVE clicked first, than it opens.
The issue is that for some you can’t SAVE because they have required fields, and you can’t open/dropdown them to input them.

Hello @designlabexperienceweb

This seems to be a recent bug we discovered, we’ll get back to you as soon as we solve it

Thank you for letting us know!

Hello once again @designlabexperienceweb

We just deployed a fix, it should be working now.

Thank you again for your feedback!

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Thanks for the fix!

Oh no. We got this problem too. Even after your fix our editors are facing this behavior …
It only happens when the modular block is “collapsed by default”. So our workaround so far is to set “collapsed by default” to false.

Hello @thomas.iacopino

The bug came back momentarily due to some problems on our end, but we just shipped a fix.
Could you try once again with “Collapsed by default” on, and see if it works as intended now?

Thank you!

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fixed! thank you so much!