Can't add marks to links in Dato CMS Interface for structured text

In the Dato CMS interface for structured text fields, until recently it was possible to add marks (strong, strike-through…) to item links: Inside of a text mark some text, use the link icon from the popover and select an item to link to. Then mark this linked text again and klick again in the popover for example strong. The link text became strong and in the popover the strong icon was bold. So you had a link, which was also strong.

What now happens is that if a text is linked, in the popover, when you click on the marks (i.e. strike-through), the text is not getting the mark formatting and the mark icon does not get bold anymore. In the javascript console a message is visible like: “Removing strikethrough as it cannot be inside itemLink”. So this looks like this is a thing made on purpose.

I wonder why a mark can’t be inside a link anymore since it was was working at least a until a couple of days ago.

In my case this is a quite a problem since I am using custom marks to give the editors the option to create differently styled links by using the custom marks. The rendering in my frontend (with dato react structured text component and custom marks implementation) still works for links which were already created some days ago. It is just that the interface of Dato CMS is not allowing it anymore.

Can somebody from Dato confirm, that this a “feature” now or if this is a bug?

Hello @bastianschadeberlin

This is indeed a bug on our end, thank you for letting us know!

I’ll get back to you as soon as this is solved :slight_smile:

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This should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience @bastianschadeberlin!

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@m.finamor @s.verna Thanks for the feedback and fixing this so fast!