Cannot update nested modular content

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I’m using Gatsby V4.4.0 along with Gatsby Cloud and "gatsby-source-datocms": "^3.0.11",. I have a model that has some nested modular content inside (a modular content field that can have blocks with modular content field inside). Here’s a simplified structure of the model:

blocks {
    ...DatoCmsTestimonial {
        content {

The blocks field can have other block type, the content field has only one block type.

Whenever I try to update / add or remove a block in the content field, the update does not get through production. The webhook is triggered and sends the right message, but the change is not reflected in the page-data of the page

The other fields (such as title or the other fields in DatoCmsTestimonial) can be updated

My webhooks are configured as described here

Any idea on how to solve this ? :slight_smile:

Hello @madison.deken

We’re currently looking into an issue related to the update of modular content while using Gatsby Cloud, and i’ll get back to you as soon as we get any updates!

Thank you for letting us know!

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hello @madison.deken can you please try upgrading the source plugin to v3.0.19 ?

It should fix your issues with nested block. If not please let us know, thank you very much!

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Hello @mat_jack1

The upgrade to the new version has fixed the problem :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick fix !

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