Cannot find package '@mux/mux-player-react' imported from .../node_modules/react-datocms/dist/esm/VideoPlayer/index.js

Describe the issue:

I am trying to use the react-datocms Image component to display images. However, I get this error: Cannot find package ‘@mux/mux-player-react’ imported from …/node_modules/react-datocms/dist/esm/VideoPlayer/index.js

I’m using Astro with React components.


import { Image } from 'react-datocms'
import { Copyright } from './Copyright'

export const Footer = ({ data }: FooterProps) =>
    data && (
            { any) => (
                    <Image data={item.responsiveImage} />
            <Copyright text={data.text} />

interface FooterProps {
    data: any

I fixed by running this command npm install --save react-datocms @mux/mux-player-react docs although unrelated to the <Image /> component.

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