Can not query newly created field in model

Hi guys. I have a problem regarding DatoCMS API. When I add a field to a model I can discover the new api key in the graphql of the cms dashboard, but the change does not get applied to external api, when trying to fetch. The key does not appear at the sites graphql interface. Do I need to set permissions somewhere or I have to do sth else? Im really clueless…

Hello @nico_elmer, and welcome to Community!

If you are seeing the field and content in the API explorer, it means that our GraphQL API is updated, as we are querying that ourselves from the interface, it’s exactly the same API that we are exposing outside.

How are you fetching content yourself? Maybe do you have to update your cache somewhere?

You were right, it had to do sth with cache. Thank you for pointing to the right direction.

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