Can image metadata same for each country/locale

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I have set custom data or other default metadata on my image. Is there an option to have the other locales use the same metadata? So i dont have to manually set a metadata tag on all my different locales with the same value :slight_smile:


The other locales are empty, without the metatag

Hi @jn,

Welcome to the Dato forum, and thanks for the detailed question!

Unfortunately, there is no built-in way in the UI to copy image metadata to other locales. You have a few options here:

  1. In GraphQL, use the fallbackLocales parameter to specify a default locale. Fields without localized data will return that instead. In this example, the image has an Italian alt text but not an Italian title, so the English title is returned instead.

  1. You can use the CMA to programmatically copy the metadata from one language to the others: Update an upload - Upload - Content Management API I wouldn’t recommend this, though, since it basically clones the functionality of fallbackLocales while “polluting” your real images with incorrect information (i.e. lying to the system that the other locales are in fact filled out, when they’re actually just using the English information)

Hope that helps a bit?