Can I prevent an inline records render wrapped in <p> tag in the structure test component?

I am usually using Inline records inside structured text field in the new paragraph section… I make a new paragraph just to enter Inline record(s). Is there anyway to avoid having <p> tag there?

Similar as when you are adding a block…

Hello @primoz.rome

I’m afraid the same logic of the questions Inline image in structured text field? - #7 by primoz.rome and here <p> tag inside bullet lists in Structured Text fields apply to this case

@m.finamor no this is not the same… Maybe my question was not understandable.

Now in the structured text editor it looks like this:

and this is rendered as <p><Custom inline record html></p>, visual representation:

I would like to render this without paragraph <p> tag since my custom render rule for Inline records includes <DIV> tags. Having DIV inside P you will get invalid HTML.

I think here @primoz.rome you should take the approach specified here: <p> tag inside bullet lists in Structured Text fields - #2 by s.verna, which means removing the <p> on the frontend and replacing it with the div

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