Can I block country IPs from completing a form on our website

Sorry, I’m not very technical - so I’m looking more for a yes/no answer if possible. If yes, it will be great to get some instruction I can pass onto a developer.

Our Contact Is form gets a lot of spam from the US, Russia, etc. Netlify doesn’t block out all the spam, which impacts on our business operations, and we’re having issues integrating a recaptcha.

I was hoping to use geolocation targeting so that we ONLY allow visitors from Australia and New Zealand to submit the form - as determined by their IP address.

Is this possible using DataCMS or a free plugin?

Thank you.

Hello @michellen and welcome to the community!

This would be possible, but not through a CMS. The CMS only provides content for your project and not how the application works, so although this would be possible, it would only be possible through the implementation of some filters on the form handler directly on your applications code.

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