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I have a question around functionality we need around bulk searching and replacing content across all models in a project.

On our current static site setup with GitHub, our SEO team quite often have to find certain phrases that occur throughout the content and do a bulk replacement through their code editor and then deploy that to GitHub.

I assume on DatoCMS we would need to use the API to do this? Is this functionality others have created before? Just wondering how straight forward this would be to implement?

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hello @jeff.knox

using our CMA you are able to update multiple records, but still you need to find them and implement the change in a script, not ideal for editors, unless you also build an interface on top of that.

So I think you can do that for sure, but would be useful to have this functionality in Dato itself. Maybe do you want to open a feature request for this here: https://community.datocms.com/c/feature-requests/22 ?

As soon as it gets some attention we’ll consider that for sure!

Cheers, I’ve added that to the feature requests :grinning:

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