Build triggers no longer available with Read-only API Token

The DatoCMS API used to return a list of build triggers using the Read-only API Token. Since recently this is no longer the case. I believe this is a bug.

How to reproduce:

Use this example from the docs List all build triggers for a site - Build trigger - Content Management API and enter a read-only token.

I hope this can be resolved. We have custom plugins depending on this behaviour. Note that the Full-access API token does return the list of build triggers. But I don’t want to expose these to plugins.

Hello @devoorhoede

Unfortunately we had to remove this due to a security concern, we are going to write a product update soon about this.

Meanwhile you can create a new role that has the permission to see the build triggers and use that instead of the default read-only token, makes sense?

Sorry for this, but we had to quickly remove that. We’ll write soon about it.

Thanks for the confirmation. It’s understandable but a pity that you quickly run into plan limits on roles and tokens when you need to do this. Maybe you would consider making number of tokens and roles less restrictive.

We can think about that @devoorhoede

On which plan are you right now?