Build trigger to GitLab never finishes in Dato UI

I’ve a Build trigger created from Dato web UI following excellent guidance it provides. It triggers the right CI Pipeline in our self hosted GitLab CE instance and the pipeline runs and finishes correctly just as it should. “Pipeline events” webhook (per Dato UI guidance) is also set up and according to GitLab it works. Response from is 200 OK.

Problem is, the trigger never finishes in Dato project dashboard. Build status never changes from “Build in progress…” to anything else (I’ve let it go on over a weekend :smile:). Only option is to click “Abort and mark as failed”. In addition, sometimes triggering a new build, or aborting an “ongoing” one, invokes three or more notifications in the UI.

Our use case is to provide our customer (we’re an agency) means to make a new release to production when they think everything is ready. (They also have a livepreview and staging environments for validation separate from this.)

Please ask if in need of any details or more information. Thank you.

hello @kenneth.lindqvist thank you very much for the report, we are going to have a look at this and get back to you as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, can you please specify (also via private message or ) on which project this is happening, so that we can have a look at the settings there?

Thank you!

For others, this was resolved quickly after a few emails with support.
Apparently there is/was a bug in Dato interface. When creating a new build trigger, Dato shows a webhook URL that has a wrong token in it. If it’s not already fixed, you can get the right URL from trigger edit view after you’ve saved one.

Thank you @mat_jack1 and @fabrizio for very good and fast support!