Build a jekyll site out of several repositories (github)

Hi Dato!
I have posed a question on the jekyll forums, but I think Dato could be a solution for such a peculiar request:

I’m a teacher and use github pages for creating landing pages for a season course.
I’d like to have a github page with all the _posts in several github hostes sites.

How do I do that?
How do I tell jekyll to build a site putting together sevearl different contents?

have repository A (Gh-pages) and repository B ( Gh pages). I want this and hipotethically N repositories to be rendered on a mother repository, that collects and possibly allow the tag research among all posts in the Schede folder (the post) .

Is this clear?
thanks in advance

hey @davide.gomba ciao! :slight_smile:

If you want to have them together for the purpose of searching you might consider something like Algolia to run across all the projects and then have one search collector for everything?

If you are thinking about using Dato for this I think you should collect all your “Schede” in one single project and tag them somehow so that you can retrieve them accordingly.

Apart from these two solutions, if you want to stick to Jekyll only, I guess your only solution would be to copy all the content to the collector project, not sure about alternatives, maybe you can think about writing a custom plugin for Jekyll?