BUG: upload UI hangs when opening linked record for edit in modal

When you are editing linked record in a modal windows and you try to upload a new file on Asset field, upload UI hangs in this state:

The bug can be repeated anytime…

Hello @primoz.rome

Trying to reproduce the issue on a random project i wasn’t able to: Screen Recording 2023-02-22 at 12.24.05

Can you send us the URL of the record where you are experiencing this error, as well as the asset you are trying to upload at support@datocms.com so we can try on your specific conditions?

Thank you!

Sure @m.finamor. Record link: Loading...

Updating: Product content group → Feature link → IOLITE ASI: velocity and displacement

But I have seen the same behaviour on other records as well…

@primoz.rome can you send us the file that you are trying to upload as well?

@m.finamor it does not matter what file I use, is always the same (we use simple JPGs and PNGs). The file is anyway uploaded to assets, just the UI hangs with spinner and message “Upload complete, analysing…”. The file I used in this particular case is attached, but it happened elsewhere with other files as well.

Happened again here:

Status “Upload complete, analysing…”



I’ve tried reproducing on that exact record and here is what i got: Screen Recording 2023-02-23 at 12.50.05
Can you attempt to do so in a different browser (Safari, firefox,…) and see if the issue persists?

Hmm, interesting… exactly the same as I do! I will try with another browser.