Bug: Title in Rich text anchor tags gets rewritten on every save

a customer of ours recently reported a bug they have been experiencing for quite some time.

They’re using the built-in HTML editor. The issue arises when they apply an anchor tag to text, and then set the title attribute on this anchor tag. They’re using the GUI to set the title, not the HTML code editor. When you save a record like this and refresh the page, you can see that on mount, the HTML editor component changes the field’s value to not include the title (the save button in the upper right corner comes up), and so the anchor tag’s title attribute gets lost on every subsequent save.
The only way to keep the attribute is to include it again every time you’re editing the record - not ideal.

I was able to reproduce this, you can check the steps for reproduction in the video below:

Would you be able to fix this, perhaps? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

Hello @dev3

I just replied to you over email:
It seems like this is being caused by a private plugin applied to the multi-paragraph field on your project, as this behaviour doesn’t happen in a multi-paragraph field without the applied plugin

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Hello @m.finamor, thanks a lot for you reply, we’ve already fixed that, problem solved :slight_smile: