BUG: structured test, asset block, title override on locale does not work

This bug is repeatable, and was found by my work colleague working on DatoCMS. See the video below.

It happens on the structured text field when we add custom Image block, then we override asset’s title, and the preview still stays in the original locale…

Let me know if you need more details.

Hello @primoz.rome can you link us that record at support@datocms.com?

As i wasn’t able to reproduce it locally: Streamable

Thank you!

Sure @m.finamor:

Thank you @primoz.rome
I still wasn’t able to reproduce it: Streamable

Are you still having this issue? Perhaps it was a temporary network issue on your end, as you can see on the video that the record doesn’t save on the first attempt


This bug is still present on or page. Finally, I had some time to record the whole process of copying the content, so it might be easier for you to understand, here is the link to the video: Streamable

So this bug happens when I copy the content from the EN article to another language (note that I copy the whole structure and text to another language).
When I try to change the caption under the picture (in this example to DE language), the caption is not updated until I save the article and refresh the page. Then it all works normally - until I decide to save my progress…


Hello @flavija.bornsek

Thank you so much for the detailed video.
However, even following the video step by step i’m unable to reproduce the problem locally, also using chrome.
I’m suspecting that this may be related to a browser extension that may be blocking some dato calls.
Could you try and reproduce this in another browser, without any extensions (safari or firefox) and see if the problem persists?


I tried to edit article in Firefox, but the problem still presists… Here is the short screen capture: DatoCMS picture caption in firefox

Oh and another interesting thing I noticed just now… I went back to Chrome to edit this article and the caption under the picture wasn’t changed after I saved the progress in Firefox.