Bug report: When adding item via the API


The item is added using the api endpoint POST https://site-api.datocms.com/items
Then setting it to published using the api endpoint PUT https://site-api.datocms.com/items/:item_id/publish?recursive=true

In the UI view the new item.

I have found that the top bar containing my profile graphic and the publish / save button flickers rapidly.

Additionally I am not able to leave the page without using the save button, which also makes the UI element flicker.

And… some, not all of the time it is not possible to delete the item until clicking Save, exiting the item and viewing it again.

Hope this is helpful, I have tried to add all the steps necessary to reproduce.

Hello @andrew.ravenwood

I’ve tried reproducing it by following the steps (also creating the record through HTTP)
But i got the expected outcome as you can see here: Screen Recording 2021-12-03 at 11.29.33
Perhaps it is a problem in your local setup, do you have any custom plugins installed in your project?

Well plugin wise we have the following.

  • Conditional fields
  • Hidden fields
  • Modular Content
  • Sanitize Richtext

I do notice in your video that you have the content item open whilst sending the Postman calls.

What I am doing is that I am viewing a list of the content types, sending both API calls and then, when these are completed, viewing the newly created content item.

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Yeah, the plugins shouldn’t be a problem here.
Could you send a screen recording of this so i can understand the process?

Thank you!