Bug: Need to press tab twice to move around the field

For example, I’ve a model article consists of 2 fields - title, description. I’ve written title, press tab, then

Expected behavior: Cursor should move to description field.
Actual behavior: Looks like nothing happens, need to press tab again to move to desc field.

Yes, I can confirm. We’ll let you know when we fix this, thank you for reporting

Hey, this is not always true, for example here I can change field with one tab press:

2021-08-18 11.36.56

In general, we’re not modifying/hijacking the default browser behavior when it comes to navigate the page via keyboard, so if between one input field and the next one there’s some “actionable” element (ie. links/button) then of course pressing Tab will move to it instead of the next field.

So I don’t thing we’re going to make changes to the current way we’re handling this, sorry :frowning_face:

I see you are getting the expected behavior. But unfortunately, I’m not getting that. None of us. The reason is, there is a link to the model field right next to the label. pls check the following image. Browser default behavior is fine but the implementation you have affecting UX.

Just to confirm, I’m getting the same behavior as @rislam. It tabs to the secret field edit link instead of the field itself:

Could this be related to user roles? Do only certain roles get that “slug” edit link?

I see this in every field.

@roger/@rislam I’ve tried to fix this in production, do you still need double tabs to navigate between fields?

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No, Now I can navigate as expected.

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This is fixed for me as well. Thanks!