Bug: it's possible to create a second record for a single-instance model

Steps to reproduce

  • Have a single instance model with a saved record
  • In a different model, add a field of type Multiple link
  • Specify the single instance model as one of the types of model that can be linked
  • Now you can add a link to the single instance of that model when editing that field
  • When doing so, click From library and select the single-instance model record
  • A record picker appears showing the single record available under that single-instance model
  • There is a + button at the bottom
  • Click this to start creating a new record under this single instance model – it should not be possible to get to this state

Possible solutions

  1. Remove the + button
  2. Better yet, do not bring up the record picker at all when selecting the record of a single instance model when adding links to a field
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Hello @convincible

Thank you so much for the detailed bug report!
I was able to reproduce it as you said, and contacted the dev team.
I’ll get back to you as soon as it is solved :slight_smile:

Hello @convincible

Now we no longer list the singleton record on the β€œ+ button” dropdown if you already have one instance of it.

Thank you once again for your feedback!