Bug in the project usage view?

Describe the issue:

Seems like that since today your graphs in project ussage view have some problem with colors. Until yesterday this seemed okay, but today there are some issues:

Hmm. Now THAT is weird. I wonder if it’s possibly a leap year bug with Feb 29… thank you for the report! We’ll look into it.

@primoz.rome Actually, I looked in the code and this seems like deliberate behavior. Those light purple colors are just last month’s readings (which get a different color on purpose).

Would it help to to have a more comprehensive legend, maybe something like this example?

Ah okay, I get it… No it is okay, all great ! It confused me a bit as if went from full color to full gray on Friday, but I understand now why! Thanks, Primoz. You can close this.

Slightly improved the situation!

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