BUG - Creating a table using modular content causes pages to crash

I’ve created a table using the modular content block. It takes table rows, which then takes table cells.
So the structure is like this:
Table (Modular)

  • Table Row (Modular)
    • Table cell (Input fields/Boolean toggles)

Of course following this structure you can have any amount of Rows with cells, but it gives a very easy to use UI to create tables, and required no code changes to have different size tables etc.

The problem is, when typing into any of the fields, the entire page jumps up and down, you can’t see what you’re typing and the more you type, the more it jumps. On occasion the page crashes and progress is lost.
This is of course, a pretty significant issue.
We cannot use the built in table in the editor, as it doesn’t fit our use case of tables.

Any help would be appreciated but i’m assuming, based on the behaviour of it, in your editor code something is updating and reloading the entire table on every key press.

Hello @jacob2 and welcome to the community!

I’m not sure i understood your dashboard setup, are you using this plugin: Table Editor - Plugins - DatoCMS or a self made solution using blocks?
In any case, can you send us an email with the URL of the record that is presenting this error at support@datocms.com so we can take a look at that UI error and see what could be causing it?

Thank you!