Bug/crash on drag/drop in structured text

A colleague reported this issue and I can replicate.

In focus mode, when dragging and dropping blocks, the blog that is being moved out of the way and the new block seem to get confused/duplicated. The previous block that was in that position is lost, and the block that was dropped is now duplicated in two positions. I have also observed a situation where both blocks are flashing as if both blocks were in the same place at the same time and competing for that space - Both times I’ve replicated this the browser has then crashed so the work is lost. - please see screen recording attached.

To duplicate, create two blocks in focus mode in a structured text field, drag the second block to be in front of the first block.

I saw other issues in the structured text field had been solved by a cache clear - that didn’t fix this.

This is blocking us from creating new posts with DatoCMS.

Hello @hannah

We just shipped a fix for this :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know!

I’ve just been informed that this has started happening again, could there have been a regression?

Hello @hannah

This time i was unable to reproduce this on our end :frowning:

Can you make sure you have deleted the cache on the browser you are currently in, and if the problem persists, can you send us a screen recording of how you are experiencing the issue? =