Bold formatting breaks text margin constraints

Bolded text in a masthead ignores page margins and does not wrap to the next line.

Normal (unformatted) text looks fine and wraps appropriately. Bolded does not.

Bolded text:

I’m using the inline formatting tools to create the bold formatting.

Hello @fbrown are you seing this in your website frontend or in the field itself on DatoCMS?

I’m seeing it on the published front end version via a the page’s preview link.

@fbrown in that case, there isn’t much we can do on our end:

Since we’re a headless CMS we don’t provide the rules for rendering the content we provide through our APIs, that is: we only provide the content (text) to be rendered, but not the styling of the text.
The styling of the text is managed completely by the front end developer on your project, and has no connection with the CMS itself

Thanks - to be clear, I was using the formatting tools provided within Dato itself - just the formatting menu in the text field.

If you’re saying that the “published” version of the page is independent of Dato, then where would I look to fix the issue?

As an aside, the text breaking also seems to happen with any type of formatting, whether its bold, italics or linking.

@fbrown the formatting tools on Dato only mark the text as Italic, Bold, … etc. But they don’t specify the positioning or size of the text.
The rendering rules of the text will be in the front end code of the project. The exact location of where this might be depends on the framework of the project, but the styling rules are usually on a CSS file.

Ok, interesting - never knew it worked that way. Thank you!