Block names stopped showing

The right part of the block name - the first text field of a block, has stopped displaying. This has been our workaround as suggested previously, until the feature request is available Is there a way to get this back?

This was the display -

Now -


Hello @nathalie

This indeed changed as now we are prioritising the asset field always as a preview for the collapsed block.
I’ll check internally if we can add an option to choose the preview field on a block model like we can with record models. Thank you for the feedback!

Ok, thank you. It would be extremely useful if we could choose the preview field. Feedback from colleagues is that this now makes working with the block records difficult, particularly when there is a long list. Opening each to check you are in the correct block before making an edit is time consuming.


In our use case, the asset field does not help us identify the block in any way.
Also, not all blocks have an asset attached.

Hi, I would just like to chime in and say that losing block titles is quite a problem for customers at my company. Many of the blocks they are using do not have associated assets, so the user interface has suddenly become a lot harder to use.


We have been receiving client complaints from this change as well. Most of the blocks we are using are now indistinguishable from each other unless expanded.

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Hey @clay1 @tomcollins @nathalie we’re working on a solution for this at the moment, and I’ll get back to you in the next few days with a fix :slight_smile: Sorry about this!


Hey @tomcollins @clay1 @nathalie we just shipped a fix for this!

Let us know if now the previews are as expected!

We will still look into the custom previews, as is seems like a nice additional feature from your feedback :slight_smile:


You’ve just made my colleagues very happy. Thanks to everyone involved in shipping the fix so quickly!

@m.finamor All is looking good here too! Thank you very much for the fast resolution. Customising the preview fields would indeed be great.

@m.finamor Thank you for the quick fix!