Block name in the content editor

I have question how DatoCMS decides for the block name? If I would like to have a visible block name for personal reason, should I add a field to the block model, or is there other way to “name” the block? This is only for editors to easily find the right block, this name will never be used in the front-end.


Hello @primoz.rome

The left part of the name “Product feature” is the name of the block itself:

The right part of the block name (that is the link to youtube on your case) is picked as being the first text field of a block.
The little image on the left side of the link, is the first “previewable” media inside the block, it can be an asset, or a video thumbnail in case of a video field.

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So if I want to uniquely name each block added in my structured text / modular content field I need a text field in the block model?

Maybe would be good if added block instance could have a “name” metadata. It is just a suggestion, then I would not needed adding a filed in the block model just to name it for editors.

But is a small thing, I will use custom filed for naming the block instance.

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Yes, if you want to assign a name for each block, you would have to create a single line string field at the top of the block to assign as the block “Presentation name”

I also think that adding a customisable “Block name field” for presentation would be a good addition, could you create a feature request for it at ✋ Feature requests - DatoCMS community so we can track community interest for it a bit better?

Thank you! And thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hey, agree. Opened a :raised_hand: feature request here.

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