Block containing links object using the filter appends the query to the main window

I have a particular use case.
A model which contains a collection of various blocks
One of the blocks contains a collection of another model as multiple links.
When adding existing items into this collection I am constantly receiving an error message about ā€œdiscarding changesā€ whilst using the modal search.
The reason for this appears to be that the search is being added to the URL of the page.
If you want to investigate this, you are welcome to email me and I will send you screenshots to reproduce the bug.

Hello @andrew.ravenwood

We shipped a fix this morning to an issue regarding search modals that most likely solved this one as well, could you retry to search on the modal after clearing your browser cache and see if the problem went away?

If it didnā€™t let us know and send us the reproduction steps over as well as the record URL at

Your update has indeed fixed this issue :+1:

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