Best ways to get DatoCMS support

Hi there, and welcome to the DatoCMS Community Forum! This is a place to talk to both DatoCMS staff and other users.

Where to get support:

  1. For urgent inquiries (or if you simply prefer email), please email This is monitored by multiple DatoCMS staff throughout the week, and customers on a Pro or Enterprise plan get prioritized responses over email.

  2. For less time-sensitive questions, this support forum is great. Compared to email, this forum allows better formatting (especially for code snippets and screenshots), which can help us troubleshoot more complex questions that take some back-and-forth. This forum is a “best effort” support channel for us, but we still try to answer most posts in 1-3 business days (regardless of your plan).

  3. We also offer an older Slack channel, but this is generally less active than the forum. The Slack can be useful if you just have a simple question, but for anything complicated, we recommend this forum or email instead. Slack is also a best-effort support channel.

Quick note about duplicate requests…

DatoCMS is a small company, and the same support staff monitor all three channels. Please kindly refrain from sending us the same request through multiple different channels… we know it’s tempting, but it would only cause confusion and make it harder for us to solve your issue :slight_smile: We do read everything you send us, no matter where it comes from!

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