Best way to serve different responsive image on mobile, tablet etc

Dato’s responsiveImage and component are convenient for auto-generating srcset etc but what’s the best approach when a desktop image needs to be different from the mobile one?

Should we use 2 image fields in dato? Then manipulate the srcset passed into Image component, or find a different solution?

On a related note, how does the responsiveImage field decide which sizes to define?

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I’m using 3 query to create Mobile, Tablet and Desktop sizes, then use a CSS Class to show and hide
on different viewport.

Thank you guillaume,
I’ve done a similar solution. I’m sure there must be a more cunning way, using the picture tag.
Thanks for responding.

hi @ashleigh

if you really need to have different photos (not just different sizes) for mobile and desktop, then yes you need two fields.

Otherwise, do you know about our focal point feature: Working with images - DatoCMS ?

You can define a focal point and crops will take it into account. So maybe you can use a single photo anyway :slight_smile: